Církev s tradičním křesťanským učením v netradičním kabátu...

Welcome to our website!

Even though we are a Czech church, we are open for everyone!
If you speak English and want to come check out our services or contact us by e-mail or phone, you are more than welcome to do so!
There are people who speak English in our church and can interpret the services for you and talk to you.
Same is true for German and Russian languages.

We are not able to translate the whole website right now, but you can check out the pictures, which don´t need a translation and find some of our main information right here.

Who are we?

Our local church belongs to "Apostolska cirkev", which is a fully registered evangelical church with Pentecostal doctrinal base (similar to the Assemblies of God). We can perform weddings, teach Christianity in schools, minister in prisons, etc.
This church has a 110 year tradition in the Czech Republic.
Our congregation in the city of Liberec was found in 2004 by Stanislav and Jirina Hart. Today, the church keeps growing and reaching out to new people. The circle of people who more or less regularly join the services is around 100 people today.

Z oslavy 5. výročí sboru

(from our 5th year anniversary celebration)

Schedule of regular meetings

You are welcome to join our Sunday main service at 4 PM. You can see the address and map at the page called "Kontakt".
We have a children ministry for 2 age categories and a youth ministry.
We have a regular bible study at Hope mission organization Thursday nights.


We do regular street evangelism.
We have a vision of tract evangelism, which we head up.
In-door outreaches include films, Easter and Christmas service and lectures.
We want every service to be friendly and understandable for newcomers.


Our church supports the mission work of CFAN of Reinhard Bonnke, Feed the Hungry and Nehemia on regular monthly basis.
In addition we support other programs by one time gifts or special offerings.

How to become a Christian?

No one can be born as a Christian. It is always a personal decision.

How to do it?

1. Christianity is not a family tradition. Real Christianity is based on the Bible only and its main character is Jesus. Jesus did not preach religious wars, he did not prohibit birth-control, he was not "out of the real world". Contrary to that, he was one of us, he understood the people, because he knew them well.

2. A born-again Christian is someone who came to a personal knowledge of God, which changed his/her life. It has nothing to do with belonging to a specific church denomination. It is a personal issue.

3. God loves you and has a good and perfect plan for your life. You can start your life again.

4. We are separated from God by our sin. These are not specific bad acts, those are just consequences. The root is a life attitude of "I don´t need God in my life, even if there really is a God."

5. The gap of separation was filled by Jesus. Himself without guilt, He died on the cross for our sins. He performed the greatest act of love in the history of mankind.

6. You will become a Christian if you receive Jesus´s sacrifice for youself (it does not apply to everybody automatically, but must be received) by proclaiming Jesus the Lord of your life and believing in his death, burial and resurrection. Faith means to believe in your heart (head will not take it, same as it won´t take things like "where does the universe end, etc.)

7. Example of the prayer of faith:

"Lord Jesus, I now come to You. Thank You for wanting to make me the child of God. Please forgive me for living my life according myself and without you. I confess my sins to you. I receive You as my Saviour and Lord. Come into my life. Amen."

What will help you grow spiritualy?

a) everyday reading of the Bible (recommendation: start with the New testament - the gospel of John and the epistles), b) speaking with God by your own words (prayer), c) coming to a Christian fellowship, of course you are warmly welcome to ours, but our mentality is that there is just 1 church, so we´ll be happy if you find a different local church that you would like.